Korean Blog. Ready – steady – go!

People were recently asking me – when will you start your blog about life in Korea? And I always answered – one day. That day finally came. For a long time since I came here was thinking what should I start with… When you dont know what to start with – start from the begining. Four months in South Korea  – differences, similarities and discoveries of its culture. My name is Agnė, I am 21, I am from Lithuania.

Ready – steady – go!

So, first record – short and with more questions, than answers. Other records hopefully will lead to answers.

I will dedicate my first record for describing the background of my stay in South Korea. So I am student of something like Business Management in Ulsan University. Ulsan University is something like Vilnius Gediminas Technical University but without Creative Industries Studies. Ok, about studies later, cause no idea how it is going to be here.

I am living in a university Female dormatory. Dormatories here are separated for males and females and have quite strict rules – for bringing a male person to the dorm, you get out from the dorm on the spot without a possibility to get back. FOREVER. Minus 10 points! Yeah, we have points system – if you make noise, leave unclean common rooms and etc, minus up to 10 points. If you volunteer in the dorms with cleaning – plus up to 5 points. And if you peach others for doing something forbidden – you get plus 5 points. This became like a joke for our international students‘ group members.  At the moment dorm is quite empty – studies starts on 2nd March, so students are still having holidays.

I am living with another girl. She is from Lithuania and her name is Agne. VERY INTERNATIONAL. People say, that we look like sisters. If not another girl Neringa from Lithuania, who is dark, we could tell everybody, that all the girls in Lithuania look like us 🙂 Anyway, it is so cool to talk Lithuanian at the end of a day…

After coming to this unique country, i had some thing to deal – first find a pillow, blanket and cover. In the dorm its 58.000 Korean Wons (eq. 55 USD). In the local shops I got it for 53.000W. It‘s pink! 🙂

We are 4 Lithuanians in Ulsan. On the first days we met Polish girl Weronika, Polish guy Pawel, German Jan, a guy from Salvador Mario, Russians Sasha and Andray. We have our Korean buddies. So our new family is getting bigger and bigger everyday. We are having dinner together, go to the shop or for a walk. Tomorrow we will have the orientation day for all international students, so probably meet more of them.

Just me having normal Korean mobile phone which I bought when I was in Lithuania. So most of the time we contact with each other via Facebook or skype. We have a meeting place and we just need to tell the time and the purpose for meeting.

Today we went for some shoping in the old downtown market place. Prices are NOT LOW at all. Hopefully its not the right place for cheap shoping, or in other ways – its good that I brought enough clothes. Waiting for SALES 🙂

No cooking is allowed in the dorm. So „plastic soup“ of Korean food or eating out. We are trying out different Korean food every day. I love the food. Apparently I love spicy food 🙂 lots of seafood, pork, chicken and all kind of European cuisines you can find here. Today we ate some Lithuanian bread from Kuršėnai, RIKIS and KARVUTĖ candies from Lithuania. Sounds like Lithuanian Christmas in the middle of nowhere:))) but don’t think in a wrong way – one blog record will be dedicated for modern life, technology and SAMSUNG 🙂 But everything ahead!

The weather is quite nice. 5-8 degrees during the day, no wind, sometimes sunny. Koreans are dressed like in spring – with thin jackets, skirts… we look like from north pole – with winter jackets and gloves.

So resume of these 2 days here – I have not seen much here. Its so hard, when you can not understand and read the Korean, which is everywhere. Our Korean mates cant speak English, so most of our questions meet no answer. But there is 4 months ahead to deal everything out!

What is quite hard this time – the jet lag. Somehow going to sleep when in Lithuania its only 4pm or 6pm and waking up at 4am (Lith. time) is quite exhausting. Hopefully it will pass soon.

Some things for your upcoming visit of me in South Korea (please inform me about your coming in advance):

  1.  When you give something to other person – give it with two hands / one hand, but touching that hand‘s elbow with other hand‘s fingers. Especially when you give something to older people.
  2. Hello in Korean – AN-JON-HA-SE-JU; thank you – KO-MAP-SIM-NYTA
  3. Sometimes when entering a shop or restaurant you have to take your shoes off.
  4. You can smoke inside the restaurants and clubs, cafes.
  5. 1000 Korean Won – 2,33 LTL.  Today our dinner cost 6900 Won.

And many more upcoming. Tomorrow is the big day for getting the answers about further studies, eating, free time, salsa lessons, trips, taxes and etc…

I wondering why I am writing this blog in English. Brother, please translate it to our parents… Next one will be in Lithuanian.  MYLIU!


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