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    Grundtvig Workshop for Adult learners „Discover Yourself, Discover Europe“ (EN)

    2012 01 26

    Dear friends and colleagues, we are happy to announce a call for a Grundvig workshop Discover Yourself, Discover Europe in frameworks of Lifelong Learning programme.

    The workshop will take place in Lithuania between 14-22 of July 2012.

    Workshop ‘Discover Yourself, Discover Europe’ aims to provide 20 adult learners with opportunity to develop their personal social skills, share and reflect on their experiences and become more environmentally aware of European ecological issues. Innovative and challenging outdoor methods (high rope course, scuba diving, hiking) will be used as discovery and challenging self-reflection tools. Learners will present visual outcomes to the local community – their understandings and new approaches as photographs will appear to a unique underwater gallery in a lake.

    We invite you to an unrepeatable experience of different worlds – water, earth, forests of overcoming your social barriers and experiencing interculturality and mobility. Senses, emotions and challenges, living in a nature-surrounded place next to regional parks will lead learners to generate insights and discoveries on personal development, environment issues and encourage positive change in their lifestyles. Participants will also have the tool to explore and express their point of view about environment, develop their creativity through photography. The outcomes of their artistic expression will be exhibited in the underwater and on-earth galleries next to Monis Lake and available to visit for the local community members.


    The workshop will take place in the training centre “Daugirdiskes”, 50km. from Vilnius, surrounded by lakes, forests and incredible silence. You can find some photos at (only for FB registered users). The venue has pretty simple standard, it is usually hosting various educational events, seminars, camps or youth exchanges. You will live in shared rooms of 3 beds, each room has restroom; towels and laundry service is provided. Even though we will live far from civilised world, there is mobile and Internet connection (in the working and dining rooms). Training centre has sauna and small lake for refreshing after the long learning day.

    Participants’ Profile

    • have not participated in any Grundvig workshop for last 3 years
    • any    adult in age of majority(18 years old and above)
    • having basic English communication skills
    • passionate about outdoor activities and interested in ecological issues
    • willing to learn more about the main topics of the workshop
    • residents of EU, Norway, Lichtenstein, Iceland, Switzerland, Croatia or Turkey

    Application form

    Please fill the online application form by clicking HERE.

    Deadline for filling the application form: 01-APRIL-2012 (application will be automatically removed at 23:59 01-APRIL-2012 CET).

    Announcement of results of selection: 15-04-2012


    For detailed information please see InfoPack (you can find HERE).


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